APO/FPO/DPO Overseas Military and Diplomatic Mail

Military – This is a Military/Embassy specific ZIP Code for an APO/FPO/DPO (Air/Army Post Office, Fleet Post Office or Diplomatic Post Office).

Mail addressed to military and diplomatic post offices overseas is subject to certain conditions or restrictions of mailing regarding content, preparation, and handling.

For a complete list of restrictions to all APO/FPO/DPO destinations, see the most recent Postal Bulletin pull-out section.

Restrictions for ZIP Code 09316

  • A. Securities, currency, or precious metals, including in their raw, unmanufactured state, are prohibited. Official Mail shipments are exempt from this restriction.
  • B. Other than for PMEMS and the exceptions listed below, a customs declaration PS Form 2976 or PS Form 2976-A is required for all items weighing 16 ounces or more, and for all items (regardless of weight) containing potentially dutiable mail contents (e.g., merchandise or goods) addressed to or from this ZIP Code. Other than the exceptions listed below, all PMEMS mailpieces (regardless of mail contents or weight) addressed to or from this ZIP Code must bear a properly completed PS Form 2976-B. The surface area of the address side of the mailpiece must be large enough to contain the applicable customs declaration. The following exceptions apply to known mailers, who for this purpose are defined as follows:
    • Business mailers who enter volume mailings through business mail entry units or other bulk mail acceptance locations, pay postage through advance deposit accounts, use permit imprints for postage payment, and submit completed postage statements at the time of entry that certify that the mailpieces contain no dangerous materials that are prohibited by postal regulations. Such business mailers are exempt from providing customs documentation on non-dutiable letters and printed matter.
    • All federal, state, and local government agencies whose mailings are regarded as "Official Mail." Such agencies are exempt from providing customs documentation, except for any items addressed to an MPO or DPO to which restriction "B2" applies.
  • C1. Obscene and horror articles, images, prints, paintings, cards, films, videotapes, comic books, etc., are prohibited.
  • E2. Any matter depicting nude or seminude persons, pornographic, or sexual items are prohibited. Non-authorized political materials are prohibited. Religious materials contrary to the Islamic faith are prohibited in bulk quantities, but individual items for the personal use of the addressee are permissible.
  • F. Firearms of any type are prohibited, except firearms mailed to or by official U.S. government agencies. This restriction does not apply to firearms mailed from this MPO ZIP Code, provided ATF and USPS regulations are met. Antique firearms do not require an ATF form.
  • F1. Weapons of any type are prohibited.
  • F3. Replica weapons and inert explosive devices (such as grenades) and weapons parts are prohibited.
  • H1. Pork or pork by-products are prohibited.
  • I3. Mail of all classes must fit in a mail sack. Mail may not exceed the following dimensions:
    • Maximum length 27 inches
    • Maximum width 14 inches
    • Maximum height 14 inches
  • M. Fruits, vegetables, live animals, and live plants are prohibited.
  • N. Registered Mail service is prohibited.
  • R. All alcoholic beverages, including those mailable under Publication 52, Part 421, are prohibited.
  • R1. Materials used in the production of alcoholic beverages (i.e., distilling material, hops, malts, yeast, etc.) are prohibited.
  • S. Synthetic cannabinoids used to stimulate the central nervous system commonly known as "synthetic marijuana," "K2," or "Spice" are prohibited.
  • T. Mailings of household shipments and case lots of food to or from an MPO require military transportation office approval prior to mailing. Mailings to or from a DPO require pre-approval from the Diplomatic Pouch and Mail Director.
  • V. PMEMS is not available.
  • Z. No outside pieces (OSPs).
  • Z1. The following restriction is applicable only to International Service Centers (ISC)/Exchange Offices. An Anti-Pilferage Seal (Item No O817E or O818A) is required on all pouches and sacks.